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Film Academy Makes Hairstyling Eligible For Oscar
(06/29/12 10:00 AM) Hollywood hairstylists will now have the opportunity to take home an Oscar for their stylish coifs!

Savannah Guthrie Fills Ann Curry's Seat After Today Show Exit
(06/29/12 8:00 AM) Savannah Guthrie filled Ann Curry’s former chair as co-host of NBC’s Today show on Friday, after Curry was let go for lacking chemistry with her co-anchor, Matt Lauer.

Justin Bieber's Believe Nabs Biggest Chart Debut Of The Year
(06/27/12 12:30 PM) Justin Bieber's latest album Believe has scored the year's biggest chart debut.

Nora Ephron, Writer/Director Of When Harry Met Sally And Sleepless In Seattle Dies At 71
(06/26/12 8:00 PM) Nora Ephron, the writer of iconic movies When Harry Met Sally, Sleepless in Seattle and You've Got Mail, lost her battle with Leukemia at the age of 71.

Ann Curry Exiting NBC is in Negotiations, Savannah Guthrie Her Successor
(06/26/12 12:00 PM) Ann Curry and her lawyers are negotiating her exit with NBC.

Spice Girls Reunite to Announce Musical, Viva Forever
(06/26/12 11:07 AM) The Spice Girls reunited in London at the St. Pancras Hotel Tuesday, to announce a musical called Viva Forever that will feature their greatest hits.

"Stalker App" Pulled by Facebook Hours After It Launched
(06/26/12 9:00 AM) The app "Find Friends Nearby," also known as "Friendshake," was removed by Facebook hours after it was launched.

Regis Philbin In Talks To Join The Today Show With Kathie Lee Gifford
(06/25/12 9:30 AM) Regis Philbin is reportedly in talks to reunite with his former co-host Kathie Lee Gifford on Today.

Charlie Sheen To Play President In Machete Sequel
(06/22/12 10:00 AM) LOS ANGELES, California (X17online) - Director Robert Rodriguez has selected Charlie Sheen to play the President of the United States in the upcoming flick Machete Kills.

Katy Perry's Part of Me 3D To Debut Early For Twitter Fans
(06/22/12 9:30 AM) Katy Perry's Twitter followers are getting the first glimpse of the singer's upcoming feature-length film.

Barbra Streisand Set To Direct First Movie In 16 Years, Starring Cate Blanchett And Colin Firth
(06/22/12 8:00 AM) Barbra Streisand is to direct her first movie in 16 years, Skinny and Cat, which is described an an "epic love story" and will star Cate Blanchett and Colin Firth.

Jennifer Aniston Reportedly Offered 8-Figure Deal To Be The New Face Of Aveeno Beauty
(06/21/12 4:00 PM) Jennifer Aniston is reportedly in negotiations for an eight figure deal to be the spokeswoman for the beauty brand.

NBC To Replace Ann Curry On The Today Show
(06/21/12 2:04 PM) LOS ANGELES, California (X17online) - Ann Curry will reportedly be replaced on NBC's The Today Show.

Katy Perry To Launch Her Own Record Label
(06/21/12 1:14 PM) Katy Perry is following in the footsteps of stars like Madonna and Prince by launching her own record label.

Jim Carrey Leaves Dumb And Dumber Sequel
(06/20/12 11:20 AM) The funnyman dropped out of the anticipated sequel due.

Ashton Kutcher's Production Company Sues DMV For Leaving Reality Series
(06/20/12 10:50 AM) The actor's production company is suing the government branch for breach of contract.

Bristol Palin's Reality Show Being Sued By Kyle Massey
(06/20/12 10:15 AM) The Massey family are going after the producers of Life's a Tripp.

Jay-Z Sued For Plagiarism Over Best-Selling Book Decoded
(06/20/12 8:45 AM) The rapper is facing a copyright infringement suit.

First Look: Angelina Jolie As Maleficent
(06/19/12 9:30 AM) The Oscar winning actress' transformation into the Disney character comes to light.

Community, Homeland Take Top Honors At 2012 Critics' Choice Awards TV Awards
(06/19/12 9:05 AM) The two shows nabbed top drama & comedy series during the award show.

George Clooney To Produce Tony-Winning Drama August: Osage County
(06/19/12 8:45 AM) The Oscar winning actor will bring the popular play to the big screen.

Courtney Love's Daughter May Testify Against Her In Twitter Defamation Trial
(06/18/12 11:50 AM) The daughter of the rocker may go against her mother in court.

1 Dead, 3 Injured During Preps At Radiohead Concert
(06/18/12 11:20 AM) A massive stage collapse before the band's performance claimed one life and left others injured.

Russell Brand Slams TV Host For Making His Mom Cry
(06/18/12 10:50 AM) The 37-year-old comedian defended his mom's honor during an interview.

Kevin Costner Wins Lawsuit Against Stephen Baldwin
(06/15/12 12:00 PM) A federal jury ruled Thursday that Kevin Costner doesn't owe Stephen Baldwin any money.

Thai Ministry Receives Complains Over Lady Gaga's Show
(06/15/12 11:00 AM) LOS ANGELES, California (X17online) - Lady Gaga is receiving criticism from Thailand’s Culture Ministry because of her inappropriate use of a Thai flag during a Bangkok concert last month.

Lance Armstrong Barred From Ironman France Competition
(06/14/12 1:33 PM) LOS ANGELES, California (X17online) - Lance Armstrong will not be competing in the Ironman France competition due to new performance enhancing drug allegations.

Game of Thrones Creators Apologize For Putting George W. Bush's Head On A Stake
(06/14/12 11:56 AM) HBO and the creators of Game of Thrones have apologized after it was revealed that a decapitated head on a stake in the first season of the show was made from a mask of former president George W. Bush.

Lucy Lawless Pleads Guilty To Trespassing During An Environmental Protest
(06/14/12 8:00 AM) Xena: Warrior Princess star Lucy Lawless has plead guilty to trespassing after boarding an oil-drilling ship during an enviornmental protest in New Zealand.

Portia De Rossi To Play Lily Munster in Munsters Reboot
(06/13/12 9:30 AM) The actress joins the NBC remake of the 1960s CBS sitcom.

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