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WTF Happened To Hottie Rodrigo Santoro?

April 28, 2009... Ok, it's bad enough he's covering up his hot upper-body with that track jacket, but what's with the beard, the hat, the glasses covering up his gorge face?!? Hates it!

Stars (And Bai Ling) Come Out In Santa Barbara!

January 24, 2009... Oscar nominee (but for the wrong movie) Kate Winslet, Rodrigo Santoro and Bai Ling all braved the elements and traveled up the PCH to the Santa Barbara Film Festival last night. Although Kate looked lovely and sedate (as always), we were...

And Who Is Rodrigo Santoro?

November 13, 2008... Well, I'll tell ya! He played the hot guy in Love Actually, the hot guy (or, one of) in 300 AND he played the hot guy on Lost. And isn't all of that reason enough to like him? But apparently, the...
Jim Carrey Always Buckles Up

Jim Carrey Always Buckles Up

April 28, 2008... Looks like Jim Carrey's next movie's going to be a laugh riot - heck, his Versace-inspired costume's already cracking us up! We caught the comedy legend on the set of I Love You, Phillip Morris with super-hot Rodrigo Santoro...

While You Were Sleeping...

March 13, 2007... Hottie Rodrigo Santoro continued to enjoy his newfound fame by rapping with the paps outside of Hyde, while Eve tried to avoid them by sneaking out the back. Kim Stewart was strapped without any cash for the valet, and...

Meet Your Newest Crush - Rodrigo Santoro From "300"

March 13, 2007... Some of you may have already salivated over him in Charlie's Angels, pined for him in Love Actually or wished that he would take off his shirt already on Lost (isn't it hot out there on that island?!?). And...
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Do You Think Meghan And Harry's Marriage Will Last?
Do You Think Meghan And Harry's Marriage Will Last?
Yes! They are true soul mates.
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