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Haven't We Seen This Somewhere Before?!?

February 14, 2009... When we caught Scott Caan in this position out at the dog park Thursday, it kinda reminded us of one thing...or maybe it was two things! Only this time, it was the dog who was playing ball. We just can't help ourselves,...

Double Your Caan!

January 29, 2009... Jessica Alba's ex - I know, right? - can be a pretty hot dude when he chooses. But how do you prefer Scott Caan... with clothes or without?

We Almost Didn't Recognize Him With His Clothes On!

December 13, 2008... After baring all at the beach yesterday, we can't decide if we prefer Caan covered up or letting it all hang out. How 'bout you?

Caan You Believe It?!

December 12, 2008... Um, hello! Where has Scott Caan been hiding this?! We were lucky enough to catch the sexy actor after a day of surfing, but we got even luckier when he changed out of his wetsuit right in front...
Caan You Believe Kim Bordenave's New Surfing Buddy?

Caan You Believe Kim Bordenave's New Surfing Buddy?

March 04, 2008... We haven't seen too much of Kim Bordenave since she gave birth to Colin Farrell's baby - but Scott Caan sure has! We caught the dynamic duo out surfing in Malibu yesterday afternoon. Don't they look like a well-matched pair? Our...
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Should Harvey Weinstein go to jail?
Should Harvey Weinstein go to jail?
Probably - seems like there'll be enough evidence.
No; nothing's been proven and some women are admitting they went along with it.
They will; he'll go to jail!
They can't win - there's no way to beat this monster.