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Two Of A Kind

Two Of A Kind

September 12, 2007... We spotted Tommy Lee and Cisco Adler kickin' it in Vegas during VMA weekend. Can you believe your eyes? A real-life meeting between The D*ck and The B*lls!
Tommy Lee Likes PDA?  No Way!

Tommy Lee Likes PDA? No Way!

September 05, 2007... The NY Post is reporting that Tommy took PDA a little too far at Dune in the Hamptons last weekend, when he began having sex with an unknown blond on a banquette! Apparently, ever the gentleman, Tommy asked the...
While You Were Sleeping...

While You Were Sleeping...

July 18, 2007... The always exciting Courtney Love performed a show at The Roxy in Hollywood last night, and she took down the house! (David LaChapelle escorted the ex-druggie rockstar to her gig.) Tommy Lee and Kimberly Stewart were also spotted nearby, showcasing...
Also While You Were Sleeping...

Also While You Were Sleeping...

June 29, 2007... ...the Roosevelt was jumping off! Our cameramen spotted Michelle Rodriguez, Tommy Lee, Samantha Ronson, and Kevin Connolly sneaking in for the second of Prince's big shows at the celeb-studded hotel. Line of the night honors, however, probably ought to go...

Who Would You Rather See Topless?

March 06, 2007... Tommy Lee? Or his new girlfriend? The pair were in Vegas for Tommy's guest DJ set at the Revolution Lounge (where, incidentally, KFed hung the night before!)

X17 XCLUSIVE - Tommy Lee and Dane Cook: Hollywood's New "IT" Couple?

January 03, 2007... The "bad boy" of comedy and the "bad boy" of Motley Crue were getting mighty friendly with each other during an impromptu photo shoot at the Laugh Factory in this XCLUSIVE video. Hopefully it wasn't just a one night...
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Are Kendall Jenner and Ed Sheeran wrong to have done a music video featuring Chris Brown?
Are Kendall Jenner and Ed Sheeran wrong to have done a music video featuring Chris Brown?
Yes! Why work with a dude who assaults women?!
No - they didn't even film together. It's not a big deal.