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<em>Eclipse</em>'s Sexiest Vamp Gets A Girlfriend

Eclipse's Sexiest Vamp Gets A Girlfriend

July 12, 2010... First of all, let it be known that not only is Eclipse the best entry thus far in the Twilight series, it's also just a good movie in general! Fun, romantic and scary. Now check out the film's hottest vampire...

Ashley And Xavier Pose With Fans!

August 25, 2009... The co-stars of Eclipse - and possibly something more? - are shooting up in Vancouver together and yesterday took time out of their busy schedules to pose with fans... How nice! Everyone in the Twilight series knows it's all about the...

Twilight Newcomers Bryce Dallas Howard And Xavier Samuels Take A Stroll In Vancouver

August 24, 2009... Two of Eclipse's newest stars, Bryce Dallas Howard (who's replacing Rachelle Lefevre) and Xavier Samuels stuck together Sunday for a stroll through Vancouver with Bryce's hot hubby Seth Gabel and son Theodore. I know it's probably not her doing, but I...
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Should Harvey Weinstein go to jail?
Should Harvey Weinstein go to jail?
Probably - seems like there'll be enough evidence.
No; nothing's been proven and some women are admitting they went along with it.
They will; he'll go to jail!
They can't win - there's no way to beat this monster.