EXCLUSIVE VIDEO - Justin Bieber Tells The Paparazzi How To Do Their Job

Posted on Sun Oct 21st, 2018 12:14pm PDT       By X17 Staff

This is one of the many reason we love Justin Bieber -- he has no problem addressing the paparazzi, talking to them like human beings, and being just plain cool.

As Biebs left his favorite cafe yesterday, he first stopped to chat with a family and play with their kids, then he talked to a dude parked next to him with two dogs in a stroller (ADORABLE!) and then he had a last-minute spark of inspiration to school the paparazzi on how to do their job. His ground rules are "Be professional" and "Don't ask me how my day is." He don't want the mundane questions and the fake interaction -- he just wants photographers and videographers to stand back and document -- to do their jobs, but not to be interviewers or to try to become part of the story.

Hmmm ... noted, Justin, but we do like getting a few questions in now and then and you have been super-cool in answering our questions a lot of the time. But we totally get that you're just not into it all the time. Ahhh, the price of fame! Is it worth it?

Check out the full video below ...


Justin Bieber Checks Out Halloween Costumes Without Hailey Baldwin

Posted on Fri Oct 19th, 2018 1:25pm PDT       By X17 Staff

He's getting in the spooky spirit!

Justin Bieber grabbed lunch at Poquito Mas in the valley with his bodyguard before popping into a Halloween store to peruse costumes yesterday, and it's one of only a handful of times we've seen him without Hailey Baldwin since they got married.

Not to worry, though! Apparently, The Biebs is head over heels for his new wife, and all these reports about him still being in love with Selena Gomez are pure nonsense.

"For Justin, there’s always going to be a soft spot in his heart for Selena because you don’t just stop loving someone and caring about someone, especially when they’re going through a difficult time like she is, but he’s still totally infatuated with Hailey and he’s made Hailey his priority," a source dished to Us Weekly.

"He sees his romantic life going forward with Hailey and he has to separate himself from feeling guilty or bad about Selena because it wouldn’t be fair to his current relationship. Hailey is still feeling secure in their relationship because of that," the source added.

JB has really matured in recent years!


Kim Poses Nude And Talks About How She "Never Thought" She'd Have Sex Again After Having Kids

Posted on Fri Oct 19th, 2018 12:30pm PDT       By X17 Staff

Richardson A9

Oh, Kimmy!

Kim Kardashian posed topless with her legs spread for the Richardson Issue A9's 20th anniversary cover, and she gave quite the revealing interview to match.

The reality star revealed that after she had kids, she didn't feel like her usually sexy self and figured things would go downhill in the bedroom.

"I was somebody who gained 60 or 70 pounds in my pregnancies and felt so unlike myself and so unsexy. Literally, at the end, when you can’t even have sex, I thought, ‘I’m never going to have sex again in my life!’ I just felt so bad about myself in my soul," she confessed.

Things improved once she shed the pounds, though!

“I didn’t lose weight that quickly. But I’d say eight months later, I had probably my best body ever. I felt like, ‘I did this. I lost all this weight on my own. I feel better than ever!’ I just put my body through that, and it was so empowering when I did a nude shoot," she boasted.

She knows that the public perceives her as a wildly sexual person, but she swears she's actually "more conservative" than people realize.

“I’m actually uncomfortable when I talk about sex. But I’m vain like that. I can go on a set and be fully naked in front of 50 people doing a shoot, but if I’m one-on-one, intimate in bed, I’m, like, shy and insecure. I definitely have two different personalities like that. But I think motherhood has actually made me more confident about being publicly sexy,” she admitted.

She does know we've seen her sex tape, right?


Rihanna Turned Down Peforming The Super Bowl Halftime Show In Support Of Colin Kaepernick

Posted on Fri Oct 19th, 2018 11:20am PDT       By X17 Staff

She's taking a stand for the ones taking a knee.

Rihanna turned down an offer to headline next year's Super Bowl's halftime show because she "supports Colin Kaepernick,” Us Weekly reports.

"The NFL and CBS really wanted Rihanna to be next year’s performer in Atlanta. They offered it to her, but she said no because of the kneeling controversy. She doesn’t agree with the NFL’s stance," a source dished to the mag.

After RiRi rejected them, the committee extended the offer to Maroon 5, and the group happily accepted. Rumor has it Cardi B may be a surprise guest with the band, but nothing has been confirmed.

"She is definitely being considered, but it’s obviously way too early to say for sure. Pepsi, the NFL and Cardi are all interested in her performing more than just her ‘Girls Like You’ verse,” the source added.

Maroon 5?! What a snoozefest!


Youtube ad

Supermodel Karlie Kloss Marries Longtime Boyfriend Joshua Kushner

Posted on Fri Oct 19th, 2018 10:45am PDT       By X17 Staff

Ivanka Trump has a new sister-in-law!

Supermodel Karlie Kloss has married her longtime boyfriend Joshua Kushner, just three months after announcing their engagement.

The bride wore a custom Dior gown for the small Jewish ceremony, which was held in upstate New York. The groom is the youngest brother of President Trump's son-in-law Jared. The couple have been together since 2012.

This means that the cat walker is more than likely to spend holidays at the White House! She was outspoken about her support for Hillary Clinton during the election, which should make for some awkward conversations over turkey at Thanksgiving!

Congrats lovebirds!


Report: Ariana Grande And Pete Davidson's Relationship Was Strained After Mac Miller's Death

Posted on Fri Oct 19th, 2018 9:00am PDT       By X17 Staff

Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson's relationship hit a road block that they just couldn't get over in the wake of her ex Mac Miller's tragic overdose in September, but neither of them feels responsible for the split because of it.

Still, the SNL funny man is having a hard time accepting that his fairy tale is over.

"He’s sad. He’s really sad about this split, and he only wishes the best for Ariana, but their relationship was really complicated with the passing of Mac Miller. It put a tremendous amount of strain on their relationship," a source dished to Us Weekly.

"Pete loved Ariana and wanted it to work, but they’ve both had such tragic events happen in their lives. And they are young. He’s really broken up about it. … He acts like he’s doing OK, but his friends can tell he’s beating himself up about the breakup," the source added.

We loved them together, but this romance seemed doomed from the start.


Bella Hadid Looks Unrecognizable With Clip-In Bangs As She Promotes Her New Collaboration With True Religion

Posted on Fri Oct 19th, 2018 8:10am PDT       By X17 Staff

At first glance, we had no idea who this was!

Bella Hadid didn't look like herself last night at the launch of her collaboration with True Religion jeans, as she sported some new bangs and darker color hair, but we'd recognize that body anywhere!

The supermodel's on-again boyfriend The Weeknd skipped the bash, but there's no trouble in paradise. In fact, the two have never been more in love, and Gigi's little sis would love to make things official sooner rather than later.

"Bella is madly in love again with Abel and would elope with him in a heartbeat. They both have really busy schedules so she thinks a quickie wedding could be fun," a source dished to Hollywood Life.

"While they are not even engaged, they have talked about marriage and she would love to be a wifey to Abel. While Bella would also love a big wedding, with all of her friends and family, she’d also be happy with a romantic getaway where they get married on a beach alone together," the source added.

The Starboy might want to put a ring on it with her looking like this!


Priyanka Chopra On Having Kids With Nick Jonas: "I Need To Catch Up!"

Posted on Thu Oct 18th, 2018 12:40pm PDT       By X17 Staff

This is what we like to hear!

Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas haven't even tied the knot yet, but they've already got babies on the brain!

The Indian beauty admitted in a recent interview that she's feeling the pressure to start a family now that BFF Meghan Markle and some of her other pals are pregnant.

"I just have a few of my friends who are having babies right now and I’m like, ‘God, I need to catch up!’” she confessed to E! News.

So when is this going to go down, you ask? Not until after they walk down the aisle!

"[Nick and Priyanka] keep talking about starting a family together. They are going to wait till after the wedding to start trying. But it’s definitely on the agenda," another insider told Us Weekly.

These are going to be some good lookin' kiddos!


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Is Bieber headed for a breakdown?
Is Bieber headed for a breakdown?
Looks like he's losing it over Selena ...
Naw, he's just sad but Hailey will help him get through it.