Kim K Looks Exactly Like Megan Fox With Blue Colored Contacts

Posted on Wed Aug 15th, 2018 12:20pm PDT       By X17 Staff

I thought about killing you

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She looks like a robot to us!

Kim Kardashian shared this selfie today, and fans couldn't believe how much she looked like Megan Fox with these blue colored contacts. "I thought about killing you," she captioned the snapshot, in reference to the title of one of Kanye's new songs.

Is it really a good idea for Kimmy K and 'Ye to be glamorizing this stuff, in the wake of all these school shootings and teen suicides? We get that the rapper is trying to bring attention to mental illness and his own bipolar diagnosis, but perhaps these things aren't meant to simply get likes on social media?

"The most beautiful thoughts are always besides the darkest. Today I seriously thought about killing you I contemplated, premeditated murder, And I think about killing myself, And I love myself way more than I love you, so, Today I thought about killing you, premeditated murder," one of the verses in his tune goes.

Her posts are getting so ridiculous lately, even fellow celebrities can't help but poke fun at her! Actor Colton Haynes did his best version of her recent Yeezy promo post, and it's classic!

Like butter. #Butter350's #yeezy

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Matt Lauer Will Pay Ex Annette Roque $20M In Divorce

Posted on Wed Aug 15th, 2018 11:40am PDT       By X17 Staff

We would have expected this to be more, actually!

Matt Lauer has agreed to pay his soon-to-be ex-wife Annette Roque $20 million in their divorce settlement, Page Six reports.

The couple split after the TV anchor was sacked from the Today show for sexual harassment and workplace infidelities, and he's been keeping a low profile since. Although contentious at first, the former spouses are finally in a good place and amicably co-parenting their three children.

"Things really have settled down. Matt and Annette are getting on and they’re both spending time with their kids. They hope to settle the divorce very soon," a source dished to the outlet.

Their split is a little easier thanks to a "postnup" they signed back in 2006, when the model was ready to leave the newsman over his rumored affairs. She ultimately dropped her divorce filing and stayed with him, until he was exposed during the #MeToo movement.

"Matt agreed to pay Annette a lump sum of millions back in 2006 as an incentive to stay with him to help him maintain his squeaky clean image as ‘America’s Dad.’ She also got an allowance every year, plus it was agreed that she would get a share of the value of all their homes if they did split," the source added.

Lauer just sold his Upper East Side apartment for $7.35 million, and they also own a $36.5 million Hamptons home together.

"Matt’s bending over backwards to give Annette everything she wants because he feels so guilty. But he would love the Hamptons home. Matt still maintains the relationships he had in the workplace were consensual. He does feel like the poster boy of the #MeToo movement when he sees other high powered men hanging on to their jobs despite allegations," the insider revealed.

They share custody of kids Jack, 17, Romy, 14, and Thijs, 11.

Cheating is expensive, fellas!


Nicki Minaj Gets Into A Nasty Twitter Feud With Ex Safaree, Says She Wasted Money On Hookers And Hair Plugs For Him!

Posted on Wed Aug 15th, 2018 11:15am PDT       By X17 Staff

Talk about bad blood!

Nicki Minaj and her ex-boyfriend Safaree Samuels are engaged in quite the epic Twitter fight, and the accusations they're hurling at each other sound downright insane.

It all started when the rapper gave an interview to Hot 97 and discussed her former beau's attempts to take credit for her music.

"How many times have I said I never wrote ur raps? Nobody even talks about that anymore. Unless I really cared still I could not let the mention of someone's name get me that riled up. That looks like some1 who either stlll cares or just holding on to a lot of hate towards someone," he wrote on his page after catching wind of her comments.

"Remember the night you cut me and i almost died the police and ambulance had to take me out the crib on a stretcher and I had to lie and tell them I was trying to kill myself so they wouldn't take you to jail. When things like that start happening more Than once it's time to dip," Samuels continued.

That's when Nicki implied that he used her money to hire hookers!

"U stole my card & told me you thought it was an account with "free money" that I didn't know about. God will strike you down & more for lying. Ha! Stop saying u packed & left ! On Jesus u came to my house CRYING BEGGING to go w|me to Europe to the EMA's. I said NO DUMMY," she fired back.

"We know each other inside out. Everything there was for us. I didn't use your card for prostitutes. We both didn't trust each other. You did shit I did shit. You said you were messing with meek a few years b4 y'all got together and I'm not mad at that," he insisted.

The unexpected casualty of this back-and-forth? Tyga! The "Pink Friday" songstress outed him for getting hair transplants while dissing her ex.

"I should've never paid for that gyatDamn hairline!!!! It fell back out cuz God don't like ugly!!!! You used me but God had other plans!!!!! Tyga shit ain’t fall back out!!!! Y’all went to the same doctor!!! Yours fell out cuz GOD DONT LIKE UGLY!!!!!!" she sniped.

Amid all this, NM dropped her new music video. Watch it below!


Report: Demi Lovato Chose "Aggressive" Rehab After Overdose

Posted on Wed Aug 15th, 2018 10:10am PDT       By X17 Staff

She means business.

Demi Lovato opted to go to an "aggressive" and "constructive" rehab following her overdose, rather than kicking back at a cush facility that caters to celebrities, Us Weekly reports.

"This is not her first rodeo. She doesn’t want to feel like things are being handed to her. For Demi, this is a strength test,” a source dished to the mag.

"The rehab she is in is much more drill sergeant-esque. It’s not nurturing. At places like Promises, you live on the beach and go horseback riding. That’s not what Demi needs to put her in check," the source added.

In order focus, she hasn't been in communication with anyone, but ex Wilmer Valderrama has been keeping up with her progress by checking in with her loved ones.

"Wilmer has been in touch with the family and has been checking in on Demi's status. The family is trying to make sure they eliminate all distractions and want her to be focusing on her health right now," another insider told E! News.

Everybody loves a comeback story, and we hope this is one!


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This Is What Kylie Jenner Wears To Go To Jamba Juice

Posted on Wed Aug 15th, 2018 9:15am PDT       By X17 Staff

La Ferrari ... to Jamba Juice 🥤

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Don't we all?

Kylie Jenner isn't like the rest of us! The LipKit queen headed out to grab smoothies at Jamba Juice in a white crop top and a full face of makeup yesterday, and she was rocking her new blonde bob. We're kinda liking her hairstyle switch up!

The young billionaire and her boyfriend Travis Scott got everyone talking about how they could be engaged when they visited a jewelry store in Calabasas on Monday, but don't count on them filling in the public in anytime soon.

"As far as everyone knows, Kylie and Travis aren’t engaged. But that doesn’t mean they couldn’t have gotten secretly engaged! He calls her wifey and she likes to call him daddy. They are majorly in love and committed to each other," a source dished to Hollywood Life.

"Travis is extremely private – he already struggles with the level of attention that comes with being a part of Kylie‘s life. It’s something that takes a toll on the relationship at times, so they do try to keep as much of their lives as they can private,” the source added.

She's so extra, we love it!


Report: Justin Bieber And Hailey Baldwin Push Back Their Wedding

Posted on Wed Aug 15th, 2018 8:20am PDT       By X17 Staff

They want to take a second and breathe.

Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin have pressed pause on wedding planning so they can slow down and enjoy the moment, People reports.

"The wedding planning has slowed down a bit. They still don’t want a long engagement, but they are also not rushing the wedding," a source dished to the mag.

"It was getting quite intense and they realized they want to enjoy being engaged for a while. It’s not like they need to rush — they are both so young. They aren’t slowing things down though because they are unsure if they want to marry; they definitely want to get married," the source added.

There's definitely no trouble in paradise! In fact, The Biebs has never been happier.

"Justin and Hailey are great. They are very happy and having fun together. This is not a joke to him. He proposed because he truly feels Hailey is the love of his life. He had a rough time last year, but he worked very hard to change and find more meaning in his life. Hailey couldn’t make him happier," the insider revealed.

We're dying to know who will score an invite to this!


Khloe Kardashian Shows Off Her Tiny Waist In Mexico Vacation Pix

Posted on Tue Aug 14th, 2018 3:25pm PDT       By X17 Staff

Lookin' good, mama!

Khloe Kardashian looks ABS-olutely incredible in these photos she posted from her recent vacay in Mexico with Tristan, Kendall, and Ben Simmons, and we can't believe how quickly the reality star snapped back into shape after giving birth to daughter True. She looks the best she's ever looked!

The group stayed at Joe Francis' resort in Punta Mita, and were photographed lounging by the pool, swimming in the ocean, and doing lots of making out!

The Revenge Body star had everyone scratching their heads recently after she was spotted drinking out of an "It's Complicated" relationship color-coded cup at Kylie Jenner's 21st birthday party, but she just took to Twitter to clarify that she's very much taken.

"People are reaching. I ordered a drink, it came in a cup, I drank it. End of story. Not that deep lol. I'm sure I drank out of every colored cup that night," she wrote.

We're sure she had a blast, but we bet she's glad to get back to her "best friend" True!

You don’t know this yet but you’re my best friend for all eternity!

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Report: Demi Lovato's Overdose Likely Caused By Oxy Laced With Fentanyl

Posted on Tue Aug 14th, 2018 3:00pm PDT       By X17 Staff

If this is true, she's lucky to be alive!

Demi Lovato's near-fatal overdose on July 24th was likely caused by Oxycontin laced with fentanyl, TMZ reports. Fentanyl was the same substance that killed both Prince and rapper Lil Peep, and it's so dangerous, authorities have to wear gloves when seizing it in drug busts. Yikes!

The "Skyscraper" songstress allegedly called her dealer at 4am after partying all night for a friend's birthday at Saddle Ranch on the Sunset Strip, and she was unaware that her guy gets dirty pills from Mexico, which are often laced with the lethal substance. They proceeded to freebase the drugs off tin foil, and that's when things took a turn for the worse.

Her dealer, who had been supplying her since she relapsed in April, noticed that her breathing was labored and she was in trouble, and rather than calling 911, he booked it out of her Hollywood Hills mansion. Her assistant eventually found her unconscious in bed around 11:30am, not a moment too soon.

The chart topper is now getting treatment at a rehab in Arizona, and is expected to stay for at least a couple months.

Thank God she's OK!


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