parisb&a1I have a friend who says he can't see out of his left eye when he drinks -- ya think that might be part of the reason behind Paris' wonky eye? Here are some pix of Paris from Saturday, before she partied at Teddy's and after - notice the lazy eye isn't the only thing that changes throughout the course of the evening!

parisb&a2.jpgShe arrives at Teddy's in a black SUV, trying to exit as ladylike as possible, but she arrives home in a cab, looking like she's about to pull an AbFab and tumble out of the back seat!

Paris Hilton parisb&a3.jpgBefore: Slick straight hair, runway walk; After: Pulling a "Britney" with frizzed out extensions and stains on the skirt!

More pix inside of wonky-eyed Paris - looking like Bambi just learning to walk - as she struggles to untangle herself from the cab: