Britney Spears BSpearsEXCLU121006_12.jpgNew friends, new record, new hairstyle - new boyfriend! We caught Britney Spears making out with this mystery man last night. We've got a few clues as to who he might be, however -- he's wearing a necklace with some piano bling on it and we've seen him at the studio with Brit the last two times she's been there.

The two took in a movie at the Grove before grabbing a bite at The 3rd Stop in West Hollywood. And this wasn't just some ordinary dinner, either - when you see them walking through the garage at the end of this video, they're heading for the guy's apartment at three in the morning! And we never saw her leave!

UPDATE: One of our eagle-eyed readers (thanks Britney Marie!) ID'd Britney's guy as Jonathan Rotem (compare the piano hanging off his chain to the picture on his MySpace if you need more confirmation). Guess Britney's going to be getting some fire-hot beats on her new album!