BSPEARSCD010407_01.jpgBSPEARSCD010407_06.jpgBritney Spears BSPEARSCD010407_13.jpgBritney, in head-to-toe gold (isn't lamé kind of lame?) brought her own CD to club Area last night! Not sure if the clubgoers there got a preview of one of Brit's new songs, or if she just decided to play DJ for the night. But with all the recent rumors flying around about how her label's unhappy with the tracks she's produced thusfar, maybe Brit was just trying to drum up some support for the disc?

Britney certainly wasn't going to get any support from her old pal Paris...even though they were both spotted at Area last night, Paris arrived after Britney left! (Video of Paris @ Area coming later.) Hmmm...the plot thickens!