Britney Spears BSpearsHat0324075.jpg

Britney's arrival at the Millennium dance studio for the second day in a row (these pix are from Saturday), cause a near riot as photogs and dancers battled it out. Male dancers from the studio tried to hold back paparazzi as they jostled for a spot to get the best shot of Britney and her post-rehab return to the biz. Brit was rocking the fishnets again and damn it, I'd love to see what else is under that long coat -- take it off, Britney!

Reports say that Promises rehab center, where Brit was a patient, requires its guests to participate in daily morning workouts and that Britney really got into the excercise routine during her time there. If that's the case, maybe hitting the dance studio just after her release from the treatment facility will be the best rehab ever!

Click through for lots more pix of Britney yesterday and stay tuned for another story on how Brit spent her Saturday afternoon ...