We got some shots of Britney today, at Promises rehab in Malibu, enjoying a Coke on the patio of the center, looking cute in a strapless green dress with a long, ponytailed wig underneath a white cap. Britney seems to be taking more of an interest in her appearance than before and her appearance here seems to disprove rumors of a suicide attempt (I mean really, 666 on her forehead; the antichrist -- wouldn't she be in a mental ward if that were true?!).

Our photographer said Britney was speaking rather seriously with someone he believed to be an employ of the center and said that "she looked healthy but not particularly happy." He said, "she wasn't laughing and being her usual bubbly self like we saw her acting even just a few days ago in rehab."

Britney Spears BSPEARSSHAVE021607tat_1.jpg

We got a good shot of her new "lips" tattoo, inked the night of her infamous head-shaving. But all-in-all, Brit's lookin' good and getting healthy, we hope!