Britney Spears BSPEARSHOSP032507_3.jpg

The atmosphere, as seen here in this exclusive video, of Britney arriving at Century City Hospital just hours ago may not seem too panicked, but our photographers who were on the scene said everyone was nervous and unsure of Britney's condition. Her bodyguard and driver seemed tense though, as it turns out, they and Britney and her cousin Alli may have been more concerned about getting into the hospital without having to make their way through the hoards of paparazzi than with Britney's health.

The four were conferring about how to enter the ER and they ultimately decided not to have Britney walk up to the doors via the sidewalk, but to have her go in through the parking garage entrance. Britney left last than two hours after arriving and did not respond to our cameramen's questions about how she was feeling. Seems like nothing more than a false alarm -- we hope Britney's well!