Britney Spears BSpearsShop040807_6.jpg

Naked Juice, that is! (Sorry, couldn't resist.) In fact, we could almost glimpse her nether regions (not that we want to) in that shorter than short dress!

Britney emerged from hiding; she's been camped out at a beach house for the past couple of days and we saw her go out only once (we have just one shot -- coming tomorrow). A totally mod Brit headed to Robertson Blvd today for a little shopping at Lisa Kline and Lisa Kline Kids. She picked up a couple things for herself and lots of stuff for her little boys, who are staying with her right now. Perhaps that explains the giant smile on Britney face (that or the extreme mood swings of manic depression? or a cocktail or anti-depressants?).

Check out how Britney crossed the street in her chauffeur-driven SUV!

And before shopping, Britney made a pit stop downtown for another Lakers game -- what's with the new-found love for basketaball, Brit?

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