X17 scored another exclusive interview with Britney Spears Friday night! Ok, this was more like a mini-conversation, but we did catch a few words with the pop star when she was waiting to pick up her friend at the Virgin Megastore. We asked her how she was, that all her fans were wondering about her, she said “great, I just can’t find my friend!” Then our photog said he was with X17, and she said “you guys are sweet!”

Earlier that day, she hit her salon/sushi combo on Beverly Glen where got a glimpse inside her car, which contained Sean & Jayden’s carseat, a pack of Marlboro Lights, a Keith Urban CD, and a Kabbalah book called “The Holy Zohar”! We're so glad to see Brit smiling again, and if all it takes a little Country, a little Kabbalah and a little kindness from the paps, we're all too happy to oblige!