LLOHAN2BOYFRIEND052207_06.jpgLindsay Lohan LLOHAN2BOYFRIEND052207_03.jpgOnce again, our commenters come through in the clutch - thanks to our anonymous reader who ID'd Lindsay Lohan's date as Diego Garcia, lead singer of indie-rock band Elefant! For an indie-rocker, however, Diego sure knows how to party like an honorary member of Motley Crue - he and Lindsay were going strong all night!

After a little raw-fish action at Nobu, Lindsay headed over to Hyde to get down - and made a bee-line for Diego's table as soon as she set foot through the door! One of our inside sources tells us that the pair were doing as much touching as possible - we hear Lindsay's hand went straight for Diego's knee almost as soon as the couple sat down together! Our spy also reports that Lindsay and her new friend were having a grand old time in the club, flirting, dancing and drinking Red Bulls (he was sampling the harder stuff as well, although our source reports that Lindsay stayed dry) all night!

Riding a caffeine buzz like that can keep a body going well past last call - so we weren't too surprised to catch the couple heading for the Hollywood hills! (The party pad's location did kinda take us by surprise, though - the house was located next door to Brad Pitt's!) We also hear the night got really hot and heavy behind the property line - although they weren't able to catch any of the action on camera, our photographers reported that Lindsay and her testy new beau spent the whole night making out!