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X17 has some MAJOR updates on Britney in the wake of yesterday's events - check this out:

  • First of all, we can exclusively report that the infamous letter was not written by an "out-of-state lawyer," as some sites reported, but rather was penned by Britney herself! It was a warning that Britney would file a restraining order if her mother didn't stay away from Sean and Jayden.

  • And why might Britney be so mistrustful of her mom's intentions? Well, according to our source, the big reason is Britney's anger over her mom Lynne shopping around a tell-all book which Britney's specifically asked her not to write! But that's hardly all - in addition to being generally suspicious of her mom using the children as a pretext to visit Kevin and conspire against her, Britney's said to be very angry about Lynne's continuing (business) relationship with her old manager Larry Rudolph!

  • It was Larry Rudolph, as you'll remember, that Britney blamed for putting her in rehab ealier this year. Our source says drug tests came back negative and that Britney had absolutely nothing in her system when she was admitted to Promises.

  • And we're getting confirmation that the motivation for Britney shaving her head was Kevin threatening to have her drug tested and telling her that marijuana use would show up in hair samples even though she didn't "inhale" but was around Kevin when he did. Britney was so worried about losing her kids, she got rid of the evidence during a particularly emotional night.
  • Speaking of Britney's management, we can also report that Britney's going to be changing agents - she's making the jump from William Morris to CAA! Could this be tied to her rumored desire to renew her film career?

  • Finally, and most titilatingly, we're hearing that Britney may be off the market! According to our source, Britney's become "very good friends" with an unidentified very wealthy man, and that she and Alli have been spending a lot of time hanging out with him! Apparently, he's been involved in making the aforementioned business decisions - in addition to prompting her to make the switch from William Morris to CAA, he's also helped her settle on a new divorce lawyer!)

Aside from that, Britney's life's been more or less on an even keel - we hear that she's been spending a lot of time with her children and keeping her relationship with sisJamie-Lynn positive even as their family endures these trying times.