...Mandy Moore was checking herself out! We caught the pop star-turned-actress leaving the Arclight Theaters after the premiere of her new movie License To Wed last night. Then again, Mandy was hardly the only one checking herself out - dressed to the nines the way she was, we could hardly keep from sneaking a peek ourselves!

Elsewhere, our photographer spotted Courteney Cox making her weekly pilgrimage to Il Sole, Samantha Ronson and Bai Ling at Hyde, and Kim Kardashian at Parc. Of course, Kim was hardly the only star at Parc last night - we also caught a veritable who's who of Southern hip-hop luminaries at Parc, including Lil Bow Wow, Jermaine Dupri, and Outkast's Big Boi (as well as Fabolous, who held it down for NYC)!