Britney Spears BSPEARSBEACH071807_019.jpgWhile we at X17 were catching up with Ms. Britney Spears yesterday at the Bel-Air Bar & Grill - where she spent more than two hours talking and signing papers with some, uh, business men - we learned of some intriguing tidbits! (Or as we like to call them, "Brit Bits.")

Apparently the singer was looking at a series of legal documents in the restaurant - documents that we got a peek of in the parking lot with the suits - and the name "Kevin Federline," who is referred to as the "Artist," is repeated all over them. Is K-Fed perhaps getting a new gig, and if so, why would Britney be involved? All we know so far is that the papers don't appear to be at all related to the divorce or buying/selling a house.

We'll definitely keep you updated with info as it comes in!