Lindsay Lohan LLOHANASSISTANT072207_001.jpgThanks to our commenter Ambrosia for identifying Lindsay Lohan's Sunday-night companion as fallen socialite Dori Cooperman - as it turns out, Dori's got quite a backstory of her own! According to the New York Post, apparently the Gothamite (and onetime friend of infamous publicist Lizzie Grubman) found herself on the outside of the Big Apple's social circle after attempting to cash a check written to someone else without their consent. Cooperman subsequently entered into a rehab facility in Arizona seeking help with alcohol and prescription drugs - only to check out soon after to check into Promises, where she quickly ingrained herself in Lindsay's new life! Unfortunately, this gave Dori a front-row seat for Lindsay's epic return to tragic form which (hopefully!) culminated last night.

Hopefully Dori's attempt to climb into Lindsay's life didn't push the starlet to the breaking point - after all, Lindsay seemed like she'd been doing so well!