Britney Spears BSPEARSCANGEL081607_rest1.jpg

Oh man, are we ever going to take you in-depth on this story - here's Part 1 of our footage of Britney's big evening with superstar illusionist Criss Angel!

In this clip, you'll see everything that happens before the pair met up at the Bel-Air Hotel, with a little helpful narration by a fellow who scored a table a few feet away from Britney's. Apparently, Britney didn't even want to meet Criss at first - the guy describes a waiter walking over to her table and asking if she wanted to be introduced - and she said "no"! But according to our new friend, Britney was apparently out to cut loose - as you'll hear in the clip, he heard vodka being ordered to her table in heroic proportions! From there, Britney, Alli, and the rest of the party headed out to the next party where - well, wait and see!