BSPEARSCANGEL081607_01.jpgBritney Spears BSPEARSCANGEL081607_13.jpgBritney Spears has had her fair share of high-profile hookups - but it'd take a magician to make this one disappear! Apparently, after a long day of meeting with her attorney, Britney was in the mood to cut loose by the time she got to Cravings, enjoying a few drinks and palling around with Alli - when out of nowhere, Vegas showman (and previous Cameran Diaz hookup) Criss Angel appeared in the restaurant asking to be introduced to Britney!

She ducked his invite and left, but when they met up a little later at the Bel-Air Hotel, Brit was all too eager to catch a ride in his Rolls Royce Phantom! From there, it was off to a er less expensive hotel, where the duo's entourages came together to party it up bigtime with some Dom Perignon. Then Brit and Criss left for a one-hour drive around town from 2 - 3 am! According to an X17 photographer, "Britney was very obviously in a good mood and she seemed entranced by Criss."

We'll have LOTS more details soon, including video and some info about what Brit's bodyguard picked up at the convenience store! - Stay tuned to X17!