Britney Spears BSPEARSBANDANA052307_01.jpgLast week's incident in Las Vegas has led to rampant speculation and judgement all over the gossipverse - so we went straight to the source to get the real dirt on what went down! And according to our tipster, the official version of events sounds drastically different from the one being presented by the media - apparently, the whole incident started with a glass wall:

As Britney, her bodyguard "JC" Camera (who had been holding Sean Preston), and the photographer in question made their way through the lobby of the Wynn, Camera and the photog crossed paths and tripped into a glass wall. The loud sound of Camera colliding with the glass wall terrified Britney, who thought Sean Preston had been injured, leading her to grab him from Camera's hands and launch into an angry tirade at the photog. In the meantime, JC regrouped, grabbed the photog, and started wailing away on him - our source paints a picture of JC as the hero in this episode, "react[ing] as if those kids were his own...[Britney was] so relieved and thankful the guy didn't get away with what he did."

Our source also tells us that this isn't Britney's first run-in with these particular photogs - as recently as last week, the same guy allegedly hit JC, which the bodyguard simply let go (although he did call the cops). Britney has since filed a report against the pap for tripping her bodyguard and endangering Sean Preston, so she's clearly not taking this one lightly. We've requested an interview with Team Britney to let her clear the air about this whole incident (and all the other stories that have been hounding her lately) - we'll be sure to keep you updated on this story as it develops!