Britney Spears britneylaugh.jpg
After the stress of the last couple days, Britney Spears decided to blow off some steam (and celebrate her would-be wedding anniversary?) by hitting up Hollywood hotspots with Avril Lavigne!!!

Britney arrived at Winston's at 11:30 with some other new friends, but an X17 inside source says once inside, Britney met up with Avril, cousin Alli Sims and Brandon Davis. After staying only about an hour, Britney and crew left, taking the party over to Hyde. According to our insider, Britney looked a bit down at the club; apparently even when the DJ played her new song, the pop princess never really perked up. Britney left about an hour later, headed for home. But on the way home, she decided to stop for some help, from the Beverly Hills Cops -- and Madonna! "Like a Prayer" was blasting out of Brit's car as she chatted with one of the police officers, who eventually provided an escort for her home.