Orlando Bloom OBLOOM101107_20.jpgMore details from before Orlando's crash:

  • Last night before his accident, X17 photogs spotted Orlando Bloom leaving West Hollywood eaterie Ita Cho around 10 pm. Orlando was in an uncharactericstically good mood, he even giggled when a photog asked if Jennifer Aniston "was a good traveling companion"!

  • Later, Orlando was spotted at the Green Door, where an X17 inside source says he saw Orlando take a shot before he left the club!

  • When he left, Orlando got into the passenger side of a car, where he can be seen having an intense discussion with a man in the driver's seat, while a woman buries her head in her hands in the back. As Orlando left the car, we heard him say to the woman "I didn't realize he was your boyfriend!"

  • As he walked over to the black Toyota Matrix (which he would later crash), our photog said Orlando was again "uncharacteristically friendly and chatty", with the photogs. "Orlando never talks to us," our photog said, "he usually hides." As you can see from the video, last night was a very different Orlando than we usually see. When one photog dropped his keys, Orlando even stopped to pick them up for the pap. That's when Orlando got close enough to an X17 photog for him to get a whiff. "I thought I could smell alcohol on his breath," our photog said.

  • Then, Orlando got into the passenger seat of the Matrix, with a brunette woman in the driver's side (he would later switch seats with the driver just before the accident), a blonde woman passed out in the backseat. Even though the engine was already on, the driver turned the key again, prompting the photogs to scream to her that "it's already on!"

  • As the car drives away, one bystander could be heard saying "this is not gonna be good."