BSPEARSFLAT100507_01.jpgBSPEARSFLAT100507_02.jpgBritney Spears BSPEARSFLAT100507_03.jpgIf you thought her weekdays were busy, just look at her weekends! After a long (Fri)day of Starbucks and swinging by Rite Aid with JR, our girl Brit got a flat tire in the middle of the night up on Mulholland. (She did call the cops for help... but rumors that her Malibu home was broken into are completely untrue!) Thankfully, the paps came to the rescue - one photog worked his magic and changed the tire himself! Brit, of course, was extremely gracious and then even blew us a kiss!

In other Britney news, the pop sensation saw her kids briefly this weekend (sweet!) and will visit with them again this week during a scheduled visit.

Also, our girl completed not one but two court-mandated drug tests - one Friday and one yesterday - and the verdict? Negative, y'all!