It looks like Lindsay sure has been enjoying her time in Capri, Italy these last few days... and it's not because of the film festival!

A reputable Italian journalist has informed us that LiLo just might be slipping back into her old habits - spending 500 euros on alcohol and then spending the night with a new man! Check out these pix below:





According to our inside source, Linds first met Fabrizio, a young Italian musician pictured above. They exchanged phone numbers at a bar and later went out clubbing together... with lots of kissing going on! The night finally ended up In Lindsay's hotel room. Work it, Linds!

The day after, LiLo was spotted flirting with Italian actor Edoardo Costa (below), where the two went to his room at the Hotel La Palma in Capri later in the night...



Lindsay Lohan LLOHANFLIRT122907_02.jpg

Is Linds back to her old ways? Nothing wrong with havin' some fun with the boys, but let's hope she isn't partying too much with them!