BSPEARSSLEEP013008_1.jpgAfter almost two days without sleeping, Britney appeared to be asleep at the wheel as she stepped out of her new Mercedes SLK this afternoon.



Britney Spears BSPEARSRED013008_3.jpg

Just hours ago, Britney Spears stopped at Jerry's Deli in Sherman Oaks around 2 pm where attempted to meet up with her pap boyfriend Adnan Ghalib.

When Adnan didn't leave the restaurant to come outside to meet Brit, she returned to her home and then drove back down the the restaurant moments later. Adnan came outside, got into Brit's car, and the two drove away with Adnan at the wheel. After a few minutes, Adnan pulled over, seemingly at Britney's request, and Brit took the wheel.

Brit then drove home, then to the Beverly Hills Hotel around 4 pm, where she met up with her pal Alli Sims. Britney and Adnan returned to Brit's Beverly Hills home around 8 pm.


Brit had changed outfits, donned and doffed her pink wig a couple of times, and slipped in and out of her British accent throughout her two-day marathon.

Britney's mother Lynne arrived in LA on Sunday to visit her daughter and assess her state of mind. Lynne has said she would attempt an intervention with Britney to get mental health assistance for her daughter.

Tension and confusion has been building between Lynne and Brit's pal Sam Lutfi and Britney's relationship with photographer Adnan has also been a concern for Lynne. Lynne was planning on leaving tomorrow or Friday but we imagine her plans may now change ...