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Is Sam Lutfi being investigated by the LAPD Major Crimes Division, Robbery Homicide Division, or any other division of the LAPD for allegedly drugging Britney Spears? NO!

TMZ's report today and their Feb 15th report in which they cite "law enforcement sources," are not true, according the the LAPD.

Tyler Gray at Radaronline, picked up the phone and called the LAPD to clarify TMZ's initial report only to find out the whole thing was wrong!

And now we just picked up the phone to do the same and guess what -- LAPD spokesperson Richard French told us the same thing -- Sam Lutfi is NOT being investigated by any division of the the LAPD for anything.

French added that any LAPD employee giving information to the media that could compromise an investigation would certainly be at risk of losing his/her job. That said, it sounds like TMZ sources didn't break any rules -- unless punking a website is a crime!

Meanwhile, Sam's spokesperson Michael Sands wants to media to stop punking his client and focus on Britney's father Jamie. He posed this challenge to Mr. Spears in a phone conversation with us today ...

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