Britney Spears' release from the UCLA Medical Center was the talk of the town yesterday - and boy, were the stars ready to weigh in on the matter!

Phoebe Price, for instance, was so touched by Britney's breakdown that she interrupted her Bebe photo shoot to speak compassionately on the subject. Phoebe seemed particularly moved by Britney's separation from her children, speculating that getting her kids back might spur Brit to "get the help that she needs."

Jason Davis, meanwhile, was a little more flippant about the situation when we bumped into him leaving the Ivy - all he could talk about was Britney's British accent. (Then again, Jason wouldn't answer any questions about his friend Lindsay Lohan, either - maybe he's just shy when it comes to celebs?)

Of course, not everyone was eager to talk about Britney - Jamie Pressley and Eric Cubiche, for instance, hurried away from our cameras without giving their opinions, and Bai Ling was occupied with ringing in the Chinese New Year at Mr. Chow's. (And some folks didn't even have Britney on the brain at all - at least one young lady's mind was still on Super Tuesday!)