LLOHAN022208_001.jpgLLOHAN022208_041.jpgLindsay Lohan LLOHAN022208_033.jpg The last time Lindsay went vacationing in Italy, she ended up almost causing an international incident - so we're relieved to see her taking things easier this time around!

Friday afternoon, we caught Lindsay en route to see the sights of Milan. She seemed particularly eager to take in one special cathedral, spending a few minutes just taking in the beautiful way the votive candles lit up the

Of course, Lindsay being Lindsay, she still found time for some more secular pleasures - like shopping!

Before heading over to behold the cathedral's majesty, Lindsay and her whole party (including her longtime pal Samantha Ronson) headed over to H & M for a little retail therapy - Italian style!

The girls were so eager to get inside and get to spendin', in fact, that Lindsay tripped on her way in; luckily her bodyguard was quick to get the actress back on her feet.

Let's hope that that's Lindsay's only slip this trip!