Scarlett Johansson SJOHANSSEN101507_03.jpg Got $40,000? Wanna hook up with Scarlett Johansson? Well, bad news - you just missed your shot!

The Daily Mail is reporting that an auction to attend the premiere of He's Just Not That Into You with the buxom beauty has ended - with a winning bid of over forty grand!

The "dream date" will reportedly include a chauffeur-driven limo ride to the red carpet, where he'll meet up with Scarlett and head inside. Johansson will also give her date a personal handwritten note before he leaves.

(Hilariously, the auction even allows for the winner to take a friend along - that's right, even dream dates come with third wheels!)

All proceeds from the auction will be donated to Oxfam, an organization fighting poverty and injustice worldwide.

What do you guys think - does this guy have a shot? (Don't forget, she's not ready to tie the knot with Ryan Reynolds anytime soon!)