ashleefolky.jpg It's been a while since we've heard any music from Ashlee Simpson, and in a new interview with Paper mag, Jessica's little sis reveals that her next album will have a "folky" feel!

When asked about the CD, Ash wouldn't reveal too much, but she said, "It's definitely a bit folky ... I'm really going for it this time!" Ash added that she's got a bit of a thing for Karen O of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, and regarding her dream musical collaboration, Ash tells the mag, "I have to say Gwen Stefani is the new Blondie so I'd wanna do it with her. Or Karen O. I would die. Oh my God, if I got to meet Karen O I would die. Oh my God! I've grown up loving her. I'd paint my face like her. She's my all-time really." Aww, no duet with hubby Pete Wentz in the near future? Oh well!

Sadly, Ashlee says she's not pursuing acting at the moment, but rather she's going to get her hands into the fashion biz! Ash says, "Right now, my best friend Lauren and I are going to work on a clothing line, too. Small, cool boutique-y stuff." Ash praises Jessica's collections, and her older sister will be happy to know that Ash is "always stealing the shoes." We would too -- Jess is pretty good at designing footwear!