mlohanchip10.jpg Michael Lohan has revealed that Dina Lohan and Lindsay's manager/life coach Lou Taylor (who has worked with Britney Spears) are working to obtain a conservatorship for Lindsay, and he's going to fight it every step of the way.

While Lindsay has made it clear that she is relying on the support of her family, she's made a handful of comments regarding her father which don't seem to indicate he's part of the plan. Then again, Britney Spears seemed to resist her own parents at first, and after her dad Jamie Spears was put in charge of her conservatorship, look how far she's come!

Michael tells X17online exclusively:

    "Since Dina and Lou are going to try to be co-conservators, I had a choice of fighting it or petitioning for the purpose of appointing two conservators who don't have an interest in Lindsay's money, but rather her as a person and human being. It is being worked on and NO I will not be conservator but I will be damned if Lou Taylor (who only knows Lindsay 3 months) or Dina (who can't handle herself or her own financial affairs) are co-conservators. I just want Lindsay's life and career to be guided by people who are in it with their hearts, NOT their hands."

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