These shocking photos of Lindsay Lohan playing with a syringe and and posing for pictures at a 2007 party send a strong message against drugs. It is uncertain whether Lindsay was actually injecting crystal meth or heroin or simply posing with an empty syringe for a series of sick photos. If the photos were a joke, it's clear drugs are no joke for Lindsay at this point in her life with the legal trouble she's in and the jail time she's facing.

Today, it seems as if Lindsay may seek treatment in a more appropriate drug rehabilitation program after the UCLA psychological treatment was deemed unnecessary for her. The actress, we're told by a source, is turned off to the idea of a traditional rehabilitation center but she's increasingly aware that it may be the only way to get Judge Eldon Fox back on her side and make it appear that she's sincere about getting healthy.

If these 2007 photos are any evidence, Lindsay was certainly in with the wrong crowd, not to mention Paris Hilton, pictured kissing Lindsay in these pix, being around the wrong people as well; though there is no evidence of Hilton having been around drugs at the party. Paris too, has had legal problems as of late and these images suggest a group of hard-partying Hollywood hipsters can get their more famous friends in trouble.