Not surprisingly, Kanye West has cancelled his scheduled Today Show performance after getting upset with the morning show for playing the clip of him storming the stage at the 2009 MTV VMAs underneath his apology to George Bush for branding him a racist.

Hours ago, Kanye tweeted:

"I'm not performing on the Today Show for obvious reasons. I'm so happy the world got to see just a small piece of "the set up"."

West was referring to the extended clip the Today Show posted in response to Kanye's angry tweets about the show.

Kanye was scheduled to perform live on Today on November 26th, but has now pulled out.

Kanye went on a further rant about the appearance:

    "I blatantly said I'm not performing on a tweet and to everyone around me and the next day they still announced a performance.

    Do you guys see what I'm saying now... this is just a small slice of the day to day bullsh*t that goes on that helps to precipitate...

    ... the idea that I such an a**hole.... cause when I don't perform oh noooow I'm the one that's crazy or a jerk!

    If I hadn't tweeted about how they set me up at the show they would have never played the extra footage that displayed how disrespectful...

    I want you guys to look at that footage and start to put everything together now. It's very simple to call someone angry or spoiled or the one thousand names I've been called but it's harder to try to take a look at what's really behind the curtain.

    I'm so happy that my real fans are not as "basic" as the media makes them out to be... Did you see them try to justify playing the audio under my interview. Yo sometimes you're just wrong and it ain't nothing you can say to justify it believe me I know!"

Seems like Kanye's not yet in a place of "forgive and forget" although he does say that, "I don't hate Matt Lauer... We don't promote hate. That's the whole point!!! I promote love and truth!"

We feel the love, Kanye!