kanyelogo.jpgKanye West gave a surprise performance at New York's Bowery Ballroom to promote his latest album, but what was even more surprising is that he is STILL bitter at Taylor Swift and isn't afraid to say it.

While on stage just after 1am, Kanye ranted:

    "Taylor never came to my defense at any interview. And rode the waves and rode it and rode it."

Aside from dissing the country cutie, the rapper also revisited his interview with Matt Lauer ... a sit-down chat in which West claims Lauer ambushed him with questions about former President Bush and played inappropriate video while he was talking. Kanye tells the crowd:

    "Because [of] the popularity of me, they exploited that...That's not what he f**king said! That's not what he said! He said it was one of his lowest moments. But it shows you---the way they try to villainize, the way they tried to do that."

With all of his success, doesn't Mr. West have enough to be thankful for? Bitter, party of one ... your table is ready.

Watch Kanye say a whole lot more in the video below from last night's NY concert. Just a warning ... his language is a bit colorful.