Matt Lauer's interview with Kanye West on The Today Show was certainly full of awkward moments, but you have to hand it to Lauer, he isn't afraid to face controversy head-on ... especially Kanye's recent Twitter rant.

Kanye went on The Today Show to discuss everything from his new album, to the Taylor Swift controversy and most importantly, the incident in which he said "George Bush doesn't care about black people." The singer definitely didn't appreciate the fact that the show ran clips of his various controversial moment while he was talking to Lauer.

After running Kanye's pre-taped interview, Lauer addressed Kanye's tweets from yesterday .. one of which said, "Yo I really wonder if Matt Lauer thought that s**t was cool to play the "MTV" clip while I was speaking about Bush?"

The best part ... after talking about the drama, Matt calmly and collectively promotes Kanye's upcoming concert on The Today Show plaza on November 26. Classic.