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Just moments ago, Jake Gyllenhaal and Taylor Swift were cruising around Beverly Hills when they decided the heat from the paparazzi was getting a little too hot so Jake put in a call to the police. And not only did the LAPD send out ground support but they also dispatched a HELICOPTER to watch over the two superstars in their Audi Q7.

Our photographer on the scene tells us Jake was TOTALLY overreacting:

    "I don't know why Jake was in such a bad mood. We saw him and Taylor in the car and when we tried to see where they would park to get out, Jake went crazy. It's like he didn't want anyone to get a shot of him and Taylor together. I mean if he's going to do set-up shots with the paps like he did last week, what's the difference?!"

We've put in the call to the Beverly Hills Police Department, the BH Sheriff's Department and the main headquarters of the LAPD and so far no response from anyone as to why they felt it was necessary to send a helicopter to "protect" a celebrity from photographers. (Not such a great use of taxpayer's money, I'd say!)