nicoleweddingsellout.jpg It seems like Nicole Richie is having a harder time hawking her wedding photos out to the celeb magazines than she thought, as the NY Post reports that the starlet still hasn't locked down a bidder on the shots.

Nicole is set to tie the knot to longtime boyfriend/baby daddy Joel Madden today at her father Lionel's estate, but a source tells the Post that as of yesterday there was still "frantic negotiating" to land Nicole a $100,000 exclusive magazine deal. Hmm, given the way Nicole has been touting herself as a high and mighty celeb these days, we would have thought she could negotiate more than that!

Reps for Richie were "playing the weekly magazines against each other to drive up the price," according to an insider, and after Nicole agreed to a bid from OK! mag to make her a "cover chip" (i.e., a less important story referenced with a small photo on the cover), she backed out and tried to go to People to negotiate a full cover. A source added, "Things got complicated because both Kim Kardashian and Christina Aguilera said they couldn't attend the wedding because of other commitments." Aww, sucks when your most famous celeb friends bail on you!

X17 will be at Lionel's house all day, and we'll bring you all the latest information and updates (and live video!) as soon as we get them ... stay tuned!