oliviagarrettcovers.jpgCourtesy: Women's Health/Men's Health

All that running around in Tron: Legacy has certainly kept Olivia Wilde and Garrett Hedlund in amazing shape. The two hotties are gracing the January/February covers of Men's Health and Women's Health.

Hedlund, 26, talks about getting in fine form for Tron. He tells the mag:

    “They do a body scan so they can formulate the suit around you. It’s three-quarters of an inch of foam rubber that fits you like a glove. If you have a belly your scan’s going to have a belly.”

Wilde, also 26, says her Tron character may be her favorite role to date. She adds:

    "The great thing about playing a strong female character is that I feel like I've created someone for little girls to look up to."

These two definitely know how to work it out.