Jason Trawick hat car mercades abuse britney spears phone
Jason Trawick hat car mercades abuse britney spears phone

Britney Spears and Jason Trawick left her agent boyfriend's office at William Morris Endeavor Entertainment TOGETHER in Brit's white Mercedes G-Wagon just moments ago. It appears the couple wants to show a united front as they face reports Jason abused Britney -- reports the couple's various reps and attorneys say are totally false.

It's been a wild ride for the pair today with voice recordings from Britney's ex-husband Jason Alexander talking to a woman who is reportedly the pop star about her boyfriends alleged abuse -- that boyfriend being Jason Trawick.

Brit's peeps came out swinging, calling the recordings "ridiculously" fake and labeling them as defamatory. But Jason Alexander defends his tapes (which he apparently sold to the tabloid), saying he's been friends with B since the two were kids and he knows her voice well. After all, they were married for 55 hours, right?!

But that doesn't satisfy Spears' legal team -- they say they're preparing a lawsuit at this very moment.

Britney went to visit Jason at his office today just after 3 pm, left less than an hour later and U-turned back to the office for a second visit around 4:15. She stayed for about 30 minutes and then she and Jason left together to head home to Calabasas.

What do YOU think -- victims of bad reporting or are Brit and Jason covering something up?