Michael Lohan is shooting down reports that claim Sam Lutfi has been stalking 24-year-old daughter Lindsay Lohan.

Lutfi, who was close to Britney Spears around the time she was placed on a 5150 psychiatric hold, has been communicating with Lilo, but Lindsay's dad wants to clear the air regarding, what he calls, lies.

As for Sam reportedly stalking Linds, Michael Lohan tells X17online exclusively:

    "No, not at all. Communicating, yes. But stalking no way. Has hasn't even been to Palm Springs. The stalking was done by someone around the sober house Lindsay lives in. Sam, like others, including me, has been the victim of a smear campaign so people could control Britney, just as it was done to me with Lindsay. Do the math. Are people that stupid and blind?"

Sam Lutfi has denied sending threatening messages to Lindsay, including ones in which he supposedly pretends to be someone else. However, we've been told that Lindsay and Sam have been talking.

Michael goes on to tell X17online, "I blame Dina for not making peace with me for the sake of our children ... using them and polluting their minds. But I am still willing to forgive her."