Miley Cyrus bong salvia food eating jeans boots teeshirt filming so undercover movie divorce tish cyrus sunglasses

Good to see that Little Miss Miley has a supportive parent no matter what!

The 18-year-old Disney starlet is currently in New Orleans shooting her latest movie - So Undercover - and today mom Tish Cyrus paid her daughter a visit on set. (Tish also serves as a producer on the flick.)

So who else is in Miley's corner after the bong-smoking video surfaced? Co-star Kelly Osbourne, who recently Tweeted, "I luv Miley we r having a blast."

Noticeably absent from the set is bong video recorder Anna Oliver. And as for Miley herself, the rising starlet seems intent on putting this mishap behind her and moving on. Think she can do it?