Bai Ling Prince Azim coat boots belly button naval crop image courtesy of MrPaparazzi

If Bai Ling is looking to land herself a Royal, 28-year-old Prince Azim of Brunei is the ultimate catch.

Always dressed to impress, Ling braved the chilly London weather to hang at the Dorchester Hotel with Prince Azim of Brunei, aka the "ultimate playboy", and we can't help wonder what craziness they got into over the weekend. Not only is Azim famous for throwing lavish parties (he famously paid Michael Jackson $10 million to show up without having to perform) he is also known to spare no expense on the gifts given to his favorite celebs. If lucky Ling is one of these, she probably received some pretty swanky swag from the Prince of Brunei. Work it girl!