Scarlett Johansson and Ryan Reynolds may have announced their divorce filing just over a month ago, but the two are still spending some quality time together, X17online can report exclusively.

The two shared a romantic dinner at The Little Door restaurant in West Hollywood Friday night, ducking out the back door to avoid being seen together.

A source inside the restaurant tells us:

    "It was surprising. Everyone in the restaurant was whispering about the two of them being together -- we all knew they had announced their divorce. The reservation was made for a private table and they sat there talking - very seriously, very intimately. It wasn't overtly romantic, but they seemed like two people who were together, no doubt. There was no tension, no conflict. They chuckled every once in a while and generally enjoyed the evening. They didn't look like two people who had recently broken up."

The two left together in a chauffeured car headed for ... a make-up after their break-up???