Very Marie Antoinette-esque.

Kirsten Dunst gets totally nude for Bvlgari's new women's fragrance Mon Jasmin Noir, but we can't help wonder if that lion was photo shopped in?

Julianne Moore has posed nearly nude with real lion cubs, and exotic parrots, for the brand's jewelry and bag lines, so we wouldn't be shocked if they had a real lion brought in for the shoot. Nothing's too extreme for Bvlgari!

Dunst looks absolutely gorgeous in the ad, so let's hope it doesn't get banned for being too risqué. Last year the city of Venice, Italy banned Julianne Moore's nearly naked ad due to the fact the actress was covered up with only jewels and baby lions.

At least starlet's oversized perfume bottle makes the ad a tad more modest than Moore's.

Check out Julianne's banned ad for Bvlgari, after the jump ...