KHolmesTCruisescien230.jpgThis sounds downright creepy.

Tom Cruise and the Church of Scientology are reportedly under FBI investigation over allegations of human trafficking regarding a luxury bus named ‘Silver Screen’ which the Church gave to Cruise as a gift, while he was shooting Mission Impossible: 3 in July 2005.

Several emails have since emerged which suggest underpaid staffers put almost 9,000 hours into the trailer’s construction, earning a mere $50 a week for their work on the project for Cruise.

Former Scientology manager Mark Rathbun exposed various internal emails sent to Scientology boss Dave Miscavige (Tom's best man in his wedding to Holmes), which give us a peek into Tom’s strange requests for the design of his luxury bus ... which also came equipped with a "Purification Rundown Program", so wife Katie Holmes could begin her entry into the Church.

Some exerts from these emails reveal:

    “He requested a space be figured out for slippers in the front of Silver Screen as he does not want any shoes on the carpe. This is figured out; there is a drawer right at the entrance, which can be used for this. He also stated that no-one will be allowed to enter Silver Screen other than his personal assistants.”

But this wasn’t the first time the Church gave one of its biggest stars a gift. Former member John Brosseau says Dave Miscavige instructed him to customize Cruise’s SUV, two motorcycles and an entire building. We guess it pays to be a celebrity friend of L. Ron Hubbard!

Apparently the FBI got involved after allegations were made of human trafficking and underpaid labor being used in the building of this mega-bus for Cruise, but the Church has denied any staff were mistreated, and they also denounced Mr. Rathbun as an "anti-Scientologist devoid of credibility".

Scientology spokesman Tom Davis spoke out against the claims, saying:

    “Whatever small economic benefit Mr. Cruise may have received pales in comparison to the benefits the Church has received from Mr. Cruise’s many years of volunteer efforts."

Who says volunteering doesn't pay off?

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