bspearsconcert032911_01_X17230WM.jpgBritney Spears has been energetically promoting her newest album Femme Fatale over the past few days, but now a new $10 million lawsuit filed by her former business partners may put a damper on her big comeback.

In court papers, Brand Sense, a company that teamed up with Brit in her fragrance deal with Elizabeth Arden, is claiming the 29-year-old pop star and her dad Jamie tried to cut them out of the deal in a "sneaky and underhanded" manner.

The papers go on to say:

    "Britney secretly made a separate deal with Elizabeth Arden in a sneaky underhanded effort to circumvent and evade its obligations to Brand Sense ... Brand Sense had a contractual right to a 35% commission on any Britney Spears-branded fragrance sold by Elizabeth Arden. But Mr. Spears complained that the commission was too high and said that Britney did not want to pay it."

Just last month, Elizabeth Arden sent a revised royalty report to both Ms. Spears and Brand Sense ... a move the lawsuit claims was a "rouse and a cover up."

Britney's camp has yet to respond to the suit. Find out how much Britney reportedly makes per year for her Elizabeth Arden deal ... after the jump.