charlie2020.jpgCharlie Sheen will be taking a break from his never-ending interviews to join his friend Sean Penn in Haiti to work with those who were devastated by the Haitian earthquake last year.

While speaking on Access Hollywood Live, Sheen confirmed the trip. The Two and A Half Men actor said:

    "We have to do a couple of things first and then it looks like we're heading down. I'm excited as hell because if I can bring the attention of the world down there then clearly the tsunami (of his celebrity) keeps crashing."

Over the past year, Penn has been dedicated to his JP Haitian Relief Organization which was created to help the homeless Earthquake survivors in Haiti. The actor has been reaching out to Sheen over the past week ... hoping the embattled actor will fly to Haiti to support the cause.

Sheen leaves for Haiti next week. Charlie, who was called anti-Semitic for a recent rant against Two and a Half Men creator Chuck Lorre, also discussed being Jewish. Find out what Sheen had to say ... after the jump.