Josh Duhamel Fergie running sunglasses spandex Tokidoki Relief Run
Nicky Hilton Paris Hilton running  sunglasses excerise Tokidoki Relief Run  spandex charity japan disaster

Josh Duhamel led the pack with wife Fergie (even though it was her birthday!) to run in the 2-mile Tokidoki Relief Run Sunday morning along Santa Monica Beach.

The funds raised from the run will go to benefit the American Red Cross Japan Earthquake and Pacific Relief Fund, for victims of the tragic earthquake and tsunami.

According to the Tokidoki Relief Run, 10,151 people have lost their lives in the disaster, and 17,000 are still missing. Duhamel has already raised more than $90,000 for relief efforts in T-shirt sales alone.

Paris Hilton tweeted today of the marathon run: "Felt so amazing to support Japan today and run in the @JoshDuhamel @Tokidoki #ReliefRun with @NickyHilton @BrookeBrinson and @TheFergie ... Such a great day today. I love helping make a difference. - We ♥ JAPAN".

Check out a special note from Josh on Japan relief, and find out how you can donate to his Tokidoki Relief Fund, after the jump ...